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Lowry begins 'A Candlelight for Mariana'

WORTHINGTON -- What do you get when you combine Venezuelan and Italian beauty and health recipes, handed down from generation to generation, and combine them with American products purchased locally?

Mayra Lowry has been doing just that, and named her new business A Candlelight for Mariana.

All natural ingredients are used to make handcrafted, homemade remedies such as lotions, moisturizers, exfoliates, cleansers and soaps.

Lowry said she has been making health and beauty products all her life, but never dreamed it would build into a business.

"I was making soap for my son to treat acne, and a friend who was visiting wanted to know if she could buy some for her son," she explained. "I told her I would give her some as a gift."

The friend also had a friend who was interested, and things just grew from there, Lowry said.

She brought her products to the downtown Worthington Farmer Market, and now markets them through Schafer's Health Center. People can order the products through the store or by calling Lowry directly at 350-8445.

"I like to be able to evaluate the person, see the type of skin they have," Lowry said.

Born in Venezuela, Lowry has lived in the area for 16 years. Her grandmother was a botanical doctor from Italy who moved to Venezuela and learned more from the Indians there. She passed the information and recipes down to her daughter, who passed them down to Lowry.

"The Venezuelan Indians are very friendly, happy people," Lowry said. "They really believe in the benefit of herbal remedies."

Lowry uses approved procedures and sterilized instruments to mix her ingredients. Coconut, strawberries, oatmeal, rice, lavender -- all are used in her various products, along with herbs. She cautions people to check with their doctor before starting any kind of regimen using essential oils and herbs.

Many medicines and pills we take are synthetic versions of herbs, she said, and adding more could be dangerous without consulting a physician.

To satisfy health code, Lowry buys ingredients such as oatmeal, roses and more.

"Then I combine them all with a little love for you," she said with a smile.