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Adrian High School alum opens new insurance office

Josh Winselman stands in front of his independent insurance business, Safe Harbor, in 212 Arkansas Ave., Adrian.

ADRIAN -- The area's newest insurance office may be a small one, but it offers a wide variety of insurance types and brands.

"We have multiple options to meet needs and provide good service, and we'll be able to meet (customers') needs no matter what the current situation is," said Josh Winselman, who opened Safe Harbor Insurance Agency Jan. 3 in Adrian.

Winselman graduated from Adrian High School in 2004 and received an associate's degree in applied science in business administration and financial services from Southeast Technical Institute in 2006. Before he went into the insurance field, he worked in a bank and in the offices of JBS.

Winselman chose to return to his hometown to sell insurance as part of an independent insurance agency when he was invited by his friend, Rick Whipple, who has operated his own Safe Harbor agency in Pipestone since fall 2010.

By also operating under the Safe Harbor name, Winselman can offer customers insurance from the same 18 companies Whipple does, although both agencies remain independent.

"I like the fact that you get to help people and you're there with them all through their lives, from when they buy a new car or a house to when they lose a family member -- you're helping them through all parts of life," Winselman said. "When there's a loss, you've got to be there and help them. You're actually showing up, and you're going to help them."

As a new agent on the scene, so far Winselman's greatest challenge has been getting customers through the doors of his office, located in his home at 212 Arkansas Ave.

He offers auto, home, farm, health and life insurance from 18 companies, including Progressive, MetLife, the Hartford and AAA.

One of the most common types of insurance people don't purchase but likely should, Winselman said, is renter's insurance. A landlord's insurance won't usually cover damage to items belonging to renters, and a good renter's insurance policy is only about $10 a month, Winselman said.

People also sometimes don't purchase life insurance, or hold off on buying it until they're already older. The best time to purchase it, though, is when people are young -- it's less expensive then, and people are more likely to qualify.

Safe Harbor is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays or by appointment by calling (507) 483-2430.