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WREDC chooses new logo

WORTHINGTON -- It's a new era for the Worthington Regional Economic Development Corp (WREDC).

With a new manager starting Wednesday, the WREDC unveiled a new logo during the recent Regional Bioscience Conference.

"I addressed the board of directors when I took over at the WREDC and we thought it was very important to reinvent the organization," interim manager Chris Witzel said. "We thought it was important to reinvent ourselves a little bit while still being tied to the city.

"As you'll see in our new logo, as well as the old logo, we still have the Worthington blue in the script font," Witzel continued. "We brought in a new logo to help better identify ourselves in the community. We wanted to raise awareness for the organization and what we can offer the residents of Worthington."

The new logo was designed by Brad Behrends.

"It's always good to know that since that's what I do for a living, people still like what I do," said Behrends. "That's always a good thing. It always makes you feel good that you were picked."

Behrends works for Behrends Signworks in Worthington.

"As part of my sign business, there is designing involved in it," he said. "If someone comes in and is starting a new business, a lot of times I'll do the designs for them as well."

The WREDC coordinated a contest to encourage public participants.

"We had about 40 entries, I'd say," Witzel said. "Our board of directors reviewed all of them and voted on one. It was a general consensus that this was the one they wanted."

Behrends doesn't normally enter contests like these, but was convinced to enter.

"I had a couple people ask me to," he said. "I don't do that stuff very often. I had one of the people on the board ask me, and there was another person in town who emailed me and told me they were doing it and I that should do it."

The logo uses the common Worthington script, but adds new elements.

"It has the backdrop of the buildings, representing Worthington and some of the bigger things in our county," Witzel said. "It also has the tie to the agriculture with the fields in front of it that represent the other outlying communities in Nobles County that we also serve."

Behrends started with the script and went from there.

"What I did was I had to use the Worthington script in it that we use on cop cars and the Worthington logo," he said. "I just looked around and came up with something that relevant to the area. There is a green field in there and there is some industry, too, with the buildings that designate industry and business. That was kind of my thinking with it.

"I used a little bit of a more contemporary shapes," Behrends added. "I didn't know what they would think of it, but apparently they liked it. I used that field and there is a blue line in it, too, so that represents the lakes and recreation."

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