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Column: Worthington Christian School students get down to business

First- and second-graders at Worthington Christian School pose following their successful fundraiser last month.

WORTHINGTON -- If you have ever wanted to learn how to run a successful business, stop by Worthington Christian School and ask our first- and second-graders. They can give you some fabulous advice.

Last month, our class decided to have a bake sale to find out what it's like to run a business. The students went through the process of deciding what we would sell, how much each baked good would cost, how we would advertise our bake sale and what our sale money would go toward.

After many creative ideas that included a class pet and school swimming pool, we decided on buying new basketballs and hockey sticks for gym class and spending the rest of the money on our field trip to the Sertoma Butterfly House.

On the day of the bake sale, we were a little nervous that we wouldn't get any customers. This feeling quickly went away when we were overcome with visitors and sold all of our baked goods within an hour. Screams and cheers erupted from our classroom when we counted the money and came to a startling $458.79!

Here are some thoughts from the first- and second-graders regarding that day:

"I felt very good about the bake sale. A lot of people came, and there were a lot of cookies and cupcakes and goodies there." --Wesley

"I felt happy about the bake sale because we made $458.79! I was so happy to raise that much money." - Eli

"At first, I was scared that we wouldn't get a lot of money, so I told my family members to come." -- Zach

"My job was to watch over the cookies and the napkins so we didn't run out, but we did lots of times so I had to run and get more." -- Evan

"I had to stand by the lemonade table and say, "Free drinks for sale!" Lots of people came for some yummy lemonade." -- Kinsey

"My friend and I were cashiers at the bake sale. There were a lot of people and baked goods. My friend and I didn't get to eat any of the baked goods until the end." -- Tyeson

"How did I feel? I felt happy! The reason why is because we have an awesome teacher named Miss Schutt and we raised $458.79 for basketballs, our field trip and hockey sticks." -- Ellie

"The bake sale was fun." -- Lydia

"I loved the bake sale because I was monster cookie man. I loved the lemonade because it was yummy, and we raised $458.79." -- Kaleb

"I liked the bake sale because I was the welcome man. It was an important job!" -- Andrew

"I am very happy because we had a lot of customers. We sold a lot!" -- Vince

"My favorite part of the bake sale was the food." -- Jakeb

"I got to stand at the door and tell people hello and welcome to the bake sale." -- Gilo

"I told lots of people about the bake sale! I also had to make sure that the goodies did not run out, and if they did, I had to put more on the plates." -- Kyra

"I feel proud of our class since we made $458.79. I had fun celebrating the money we made." -- Katie

"Our money helped do a lot for our school." -- Trent

"Thank you to all of the people who came to our bake sale. We raised a lot of money!" -- Nia

The future looks bright for these young businessmen and businesswomen! They are already asking when our next bake sale will be.

Pam Schutt is the first- and second-grade teacher at Worthington Christian School.