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Daily Globe hires multimedia consultants

Leigh Simpson (left) and Chandra Carlson are two new advertising sales people at the Daily Globe. (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe )

WORTHINGTON -- There are two new faces in the Daily Globe advertising staff.

Chandra Carlson and Leigh Simpson recently started as multimedia consultants.

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"Chandra and Leigh have brought a great deal of energy to our team," Daily Globe Advertising Manager Dona Ellerbroek said. "I am looking forward to what's to come with the staff we have in place. The newspaper knowledge they have gained in a short amount of time shows their enthusiasm."

Carlson was born and raised in Westbrook before attending Regency Beauty Institute in St. Cloud. She later went to St. Cloud Technical College, graduating with a degree in sales and management.

"When I graduated from there, I moved back to Westbrook and opened a salon," Carlson said.

Carlson also worked at the library in Westbrook before coming to the Daily Globe at the end of May.

Carlson and her husband, Dillon -- who works at Minnesota West Community and Technical College -- have a daughter, Chantel, who will turn 1 year old today.

Simpson, meanwhile is a Worthington native.

She graduated in 2009 from Worthington High School before attending Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. There, she played on the women's golf team for four years and graduated this spring with a degree in business administration and marketing. She began her duties on June 10.

Simpson and her husband, Scott -- who is a jailer for Nobles County -- were married June 1.

For Carlson, the Globe offers an opportunity to do a variety of activities.

"I like people and doing something different everyday," she said. "It kind of flows together with what I was doing with the salon and the library. I went to school for it, so I might as well use it."

Simpson echoed her thoughts.

"I applied for a different position in the front office and Dona found my application and called me and said, 'Would you be interested?'" Simpson explained. "I said I'll think about it. I thought about it for a day and said, 'Yeah, I'll come and do an interview.' It just sounded like a fun job. I don't like to sit down and do the same thing everyday. It is the same thing, but it's different."

Having owned her own hairstyling business, Carlson has made the transition into selling.

"I think it's the people skills we have," she said of comparing the two. "You have to be able to juggle multiple things. You have to know how to schedule. In the salon, you have to sell yourself and your service. Selling advertising is kind of the same thing. You have to be outgoing, too."

Being outgoing was tough for Simpson at first. But it's something she has overcome.

"I'm learning a lot, especially the newspaper lingo," said Simpson, who admitted growing up reading the Globe. "Initially getting up the nerve to pick up the phone was tough. But you just have to do it."

Carlson admitted the toughest part of the job was working in the morning, but said there are a lot of positives about the job.

"The stability and the people," she said. "I did not know, or think, but this is right up my alley. When Dona called me, I told her, I don't like to sell, I did not like my sales classes. But it's a good fit."

For Simpson, the best part has been, "meeting the people and going to different places and seeing what they have to offer."

Both want to help their clients reach the broad audience the Globe, the Bulletin and have to offer.

"I hope to offer new ideas that maybe haven't been brought to the table before, just different ideas they could do," Simpson said.

"I want them to feel comfortable with me and I want to be able to give them whatever they want," Carlson said. "I want to be able to provide them that vision that they see and make it a reality when it comes to their advertising."

Contact Leigh Simpson at 376-7311 or and Chandra Carlson at 376-7312 or