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Karl’s undergoes remodel

Wayne Rohrbauck, manager of Karl's TV, Audio and Appliance in downtown Worthington, stands in front of a new display wall inside the store as it continues to undergo a major remodel. The store remains open as crews do the work. (Julie Buntjer / Daily Globe)1 / 5
Crews work on laying carpet in the new Karl's showroom Wednesday afternoon. (Julie Buntjer / Daily Globe)2 / 5
A view of the work as a new wall is created to better display wall-mounted televisions at Karl's. (Special to the Daily Globe)3 / 5
As remodeling work progresses at Karl's, this photo shows construction of new wall, with a smaller doorway leading to what will be the scratch and dent and used showroom, along with warehouse space. (Special to the Daily Globe)4 / 5
A view of the showroom as it undergoes updates, from new carpeting to new walls and paint. (Julie Buntjer / Daily Globe)5 / 5

WORTHINGTON — From contractors laying carpet to painters adding new color to the walls, Karl’s TV, Audio & Appliance has been bustling with activity in recent weeks as its downtown Worthington location undergoes a facelift inside and out.

Manager Wayne Rohrbauck said the project has been talked about for the past few years, and this month provided a good opportunity to get crews in and get the work done.

Karl’s has been in its present location at the corner of Second Avenue and Ninth Street since it purchased Rickbeil’s 19 years ago. Rohrbauck said the building needed an update and a clean, defined showroom.

“We want customers to know that Karl’s plans on being here for the long haul,” he said. “We thought about doing a new building, but this location is superb — customers know where we’re at. We want customers to know we’re not going anywhere, we’re going to be here for them — all they need to do is come in.”

Among the changes inside the building was the construction of a false wall to create both storage space and a showcase for its wall-mounted flat screen televisions.

“We can hang TVs so people can see the colors and the pictures better and see what it would look like hanging in their living room,” Rohrbauck said. “We also have displays with TV stands. (The space) gives us the means to have bigger-sized TVs we can show in the store now — more 60- to 75-inch TVs.”

Another new feature inside is the creation of a room showcasing scratch and dent as well as used inventory, with space also for warehousing. The room once housed the refrigerator and freezer display.

“We’ve had some used appliances in the past, but we’re going to expand on more of it,” Rohrbauck said. “This town does need more used (selection).”

All used items offered for sale will be inspected by a technician to ensure they are in good working order.

“There’s a lot of young families starting out — a lot of young people coming into town with not a lot of money,” he said. “We want to help them out.”

The main showroom, in addition to having the wall of TVs, will continue to offer Serta bedding, along with washers, dryers, recliners, refrigerators, freezers and other items.

Plans include displaying kitchen appliances in groupings, with four or five groupings to be arranged in the showroom.

“We will have a full assortment (of products),” Rohrbauck said. “We will not sacrifice any piece that we’ve had in the past. Everything we had in two rooms will be in a really nice display in one showroom.”

On the exterior, Rohrbauck said the front and back of the store will be repainted and a new Karl’s sign will be erected.

“By the time we’re all said and done painting the interior and exterior, it should look like a new building,” he said.

The store has remained open during the entire remodel, though it has been a challenge. The goal was to complete all of the major work within three weeks.

Rohrbauck said he appreciated the understanding of customers during the remodel.

Karl’s has seven employees, and stocks all major brands of TVs and appliances. Rohrbauck said the store may consider adding a couple of new lines in the future.

A grand reopening is planned June 8.

Julie Buntjer

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