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Bedford Industries planning new large expansion

WORTHINGTON — Bedford Industries will begin its largest expansion project to date this September.

The 110,000-square-foot west campus addition will add manufacturing and logistics space, bringing Bedford’s total size to nearly 400,000 square feet. The project is expected to be completed by January 2019.

“Bedford has been bursting at the seams for the last few years,” said Robert Ludlow, founder and CEO, in a press release. “All of our product lines continue to grow and we are regularly launching new products. The project is urgent as we have manufacturing waiting to move into this space.”

The addition is intended to accommodate new manufacturing technologies and raw material recycling. These production lines will require increased staffing across three shifts.

“Our last major production expansion, approximately 85,000-square feet added in 2012, allowed Bedford to add more than 70 new jobs in five years,” said Kim Milbrandt, President. “We expect that this expansion project could allow for the same or more in the coming years. Many of the jobs we are creating are in the areas of engineering and design, requiring a great deal of technical expertise.”

Bedford has an extensive training and recruiting program to build this talent. Working closely with Minnesota West, Bedford has enrolled many students in the school’s mechatronics, welding and machining programs. Bedford also has a robust program for assisting employees with earning undergraduate and master’s degrees, as well as helping sponsor the Worthington High School Robotics team.

“With the start of this construction project, we will already begin adding new manufacturing jobs that will eventually fill this new space,” said Milbrandt, adding that Bedford will employ nearly 350 people by the end of 2017.

The west campus expansion comes on the heels of several years of construction. In 2016, Bedford completed its 40,000-square-foot “Innovation Center.” In 2017, Bedford renovated its reception area and is completing a renovation of its on-site fitness center. These projects are managed by Johnson Builders of Worthington and have utilized local subcontractors when possible.

Bedford Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of twist ties and Bendable Components.  The company also manufacturers its ElastiTag family of branding products, as well as a variety of labeling and closure devices for industrial, marketing and food safety applications.