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ORDINANCE NO. 1118 AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND TITLE XV SECTION § 155.042 OF THE CITY CODE OF WORTHINGTON, NOBLES COUNTY, MINNESOTA SO AS TO REQUIRE CONSTRUCTION OF A DUSTLESS AND DURABLE HARD SURFACE ON ANY PART OF A PARCEL OF PROPERTY USE PRIMARILY FOR PARKING WHERE SUCH PARCEL IS LOCATED IN THE 39;B-3 - GENERAL BUSINESS ZONE AND WHERE SUCH PARCEL ABUTS PROPERTY LOCATED WITHIN A RESIDENTIAL ZONE The City Council of the City of Worthington, Do Ordain: Section I In order to better protect and enhance the public health, safety and general welfare, the Worthington City Council hereby finds that it is necessary to amend Section of § 155.042 City of Worthington City Code so as to require construction of a dustless and durable hard surface on any part of a parcel of property used primarily for parking where such parcel is located in in the 'B-3' - General Business zone and where such parcel abuts property located within a residential zone. Section II. The Official Zoning Ordinance of Worthington, Minnesota shall be amended to reflect the changes ordained in Section II of this Ordinance. Section III. The City Clerk is hereby directed to file a certified copy of this ordinance in the office of the Recorder in and for the County of Nobles, State of Minnesota. Section IV Passed and adopted by the City Council of the City of Worthington, Minnesota this 10th day of September, 2018. (SEAL) Mike Kuhle Mayor Attest: Janice Oberloh City Clerk (September 12, 2018)