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A Regatta for the record books

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Neal McCoy entertains the largest-ever Regatta crowd Saturday night. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)2 / 39
A record crowd waits for featured performer Neal McCoy to take the stage Saturday. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)3 / 39
Olivia Breuer (in pink) gets a hand from her cousin Claire, at the putting green as part of the children's activities hosted by CCSI. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)4 / 39
The start of Saturday's Regatta Bike Ride at Centennial Park. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)5 / 39
Children play in the sand pile in the kids arts and activity area. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)6 / 39
Windsurfers are set for a race to begin on Saturday. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)7 / 39
These chairs sold at Saturday evening's annual chair auction raised a total of $5,000 for Flags of Freedom, the effort to hang multiple American flags along Oxford Street. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)8 / 39
Shotgun Drama Junkies performs Saturday afternoon. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)9 / 39
Participants enjoy a cool start to Saturday's Ken Moser Memorial Regatta 2 Mile Event. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)10 / 39
Virginia Rath form CCSI paints the face of Jashua Hooge as his brother Caleb watches the artist. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)11 / 39
Neal McCoy goes live on the internet at the Worthington Windsurfing Regatta and Music Festival. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)12 / 39
Neal McCoy. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)13 / 39
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Kelka Alwal, a Worthington ninth-grader, dose a flip in a friendly challenge with friends. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)15 / 39
Shane Martin's band took the stage Saturday evening prior to Neal McCoy. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)16 / 39
Steve Prins volunteers his skills and helps Joni Harms look for bidders during the The Globe's chair auction at the Worthington Windsurfing Regatta and Music Festival. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)17 / 39
Motorcycles line the street after the Ride the Hog for Stroke Prevention event. (Tim Middagh/The Globe) 18 / 39
Just as they were motorcycles aplenty, there was also this ride for the younger set. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)19 / 39
Youths enjoyed cooling off in the lake during the Regatta. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)20 / 39
Jade Johnson sends up the "get set" flag just before the starting horn blast for a windsurfing race. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)21 / 39
Claire Ludes sails up to the pontoon boat to tie up for rest and drink water between races. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)22 / 39
Arden Anderson of Fond du Lac, Wis. signals a wave to the race crew as he makes a lap during race action. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)23 / 39
Kelly Johnson takes the lead after trailing her son, Kylan, the whole race. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)24 / 39
Windsurfers congregate near the start as they prepare for racing action. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)25 / 39
(Tim Middagh/The Globe)26 / 39
Race director Jeff Hegwer brings in the race pontoon boat for a shift change after Saturday morning racing. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)27 / 39
Brad and Sabrina Sowles, Luverne, receive water and more from fBarb Buresh (far right) and Kris Hohensee after completing the Ken Moser Memorial 2 mile walk. (Tim Middagh/The Globe) 28 / 39
The '70s Magic Sunshine Band took the stage on Sailboard Beach on Friday night.29 / 39
The '70s Magic Sunshine Band. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)30 / 39
Nate Einck, this year’s Worthington Windsurfing Regatta and Music Festival T-shirt designer, is shown Saturday with his prize money. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)31 / 39
Jason Swanson (in blue) and Larry Hegwer help set out buoys to mark the windsurfing race course. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)32 / 39
The start of the Regatta Bike Ride at Centennial Park. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)33 / 39
At the Artmobile tent, stained glass is glued to make mosaics to decorate the Prairieland Transit System bus stops. Shown are (from left) Cheryl Avenel-Navara, Stacy Einck-Paul, Diane Royaity and Nancy Losacker. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)34 / 39
Neal McCoy works the crowd. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)35 / 39
Neal McCoy works the crowd. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)36 / 39
Neal McCoy. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)37 / 39
Adam Yackley, a Worthington ninth-grader, does a flip in a face-off with friends. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)38 / 39
Windsurfers take off at the start of Saturday's first race. (Tim Middagh/The Globe)39 / 39