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Nobles County Board Summary of Minutes - August 6, 2013

Nobles County Board

Summary of Minutes

August 6, 2013, Regular Session

The Nobles Board of Commissioners met in regular session at the Government Center in the City of Worthington. Commissioners Matt Widboom, Robert Demuth Jr., Marvin Zylstra, Donald Linssen and Gene Metz were in attendance.

  • Approved agenda and proceedings of the July 23rd, 2013 County Board meeting.
  • Donna Welnetz, Deputy Recorder, was acknowledged for the Excellence in Performance Award.
  • Alexis Johnson, Help Desk Technician and Bryan Erickson, GIS Coordinator were introduced to the Board.
  • Sara Wahl, Director and Kari Voss-Drost, Coordinator Southwest Crisis Center, presented information on services provided by their agency.
  • Approved conditional use permit #17-2013 to Randy Wiertsema, Rushmore, MN for storage of a manure stockpile.
  • Approved conditional use permit #16-2013 to Dale Kruse, Little Rock, IA to expand an existing gravel pit and hot mix plant.
  • Approved conditional use permit #19-2013 to Andrew Wieneke, Lismore, MN for construction of a 75' open concrete manure storage area.
  • Approved conditional use permit #20-2013 to Doug Buntjer, Worthington, MN for correction of a potential feedlot pollution problem.
  • Approved awarding the contract for the Hersey Township Bridge replacement to Henning Construction, Adrian, MN in the amount of $297,535.00.
  • Authorized final payment for Contract 13001.
  • Approved a guardianship service agreement with Lutheran Social Services.
  • Approved contract amendments authorizing a .5% increase with all home and community based waivered services providers.
  • Approved a contract extension with the Minnesota Department of Human Services for the processing of Minnesota Care applications.
  • Approved removing from the table the request to hire two property appraisers in the Assessor’s office.
  • Approved tabling action on the property appraiser positions until the Board has reviewed the preliminary budget.
  • Approved Beacon, from Schneider USA as a webbased hosted system to consolidate GIS data.
  • Approved the final payment request to Prairie Sons, Inc. for the Government Center boiler project in the amount of $34,355.95.
  • Approved the application of Saksady Xaisongkham, president of Lao Buddhist Temple for a license to sell 3.2 beer on-sale at the Lao Buddhist Temple in Worthington Township for Saturday, August 24, 2013.
  • Approved July 26th, 2013 travel expenses.
  • Approved claims for payment totaling $508,274.47.
  • No further business, meeting adjourned at 11:26 a.m.

The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. The full text is available for public inspection in the Nobles County Administration Office and on the Nobles County Web