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5th and 6th grade group A reports on yard games

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News Worthington,Minnesota 56187
5th and 6th grade group A reports on yard games
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Yard Games at Kids College

Logan Taylor and Alyssa Landwehr

Yesterday Daniel Pavelko interviewed Dave the Yard Games Instructor and some of the students. The class is taken outside of the college and is taught to teach kids how to play different yard games. That day they played nine wickets also known as crocket. We asked Dave which game is his favorite he answered Frisbee golf which they will play this week on Tuesday. Along with playing nine wickets and Frisbee golf, they also play bochee ball and they do a washer toss. Dave said he liked teaching these games because anyone can play them and they take a lot of strategy. We also asked Dave why he choose these yard games and not others. He replied that he has played these games before and he thought that kids would like them. This is year is the “Third Annual Bluejay Cup” in which kids have partners and compete to win the Cup and its prizes.