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After 10 years of service, K-9 Kyzer retires

Patrol K-9 Kyzer, of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, is enjoying his retirement and his new home at the sheriff’s office. Submitted Photo

SIBLEY, Iowa — Kyzer may not be catching criminals anymore, but he is collecting treats as Osceola County Sheriff’s Office newly retired K-9 officer.

Kyzer, a German shepherd, is now 11 years old and living out his retirement at the sheriff’s office.

“Kyzer has been retired for about a month now,” said Judy Top, head dispatcher and jail administrator of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. “It took some adjusting at first for him and all of us.

“We didn’t know how he would act because he was an attack dog, but after a couple weeks now, so far so good,” she added.

Kyzer was purchased in 2004 and was trained in narcotics detection, criminal apprehension and handles protection. He was handled by Deputy Chad Julius from 2004 until 2008, when Deputy Wyatt Dagel took over the job. Those officers kept Kyzer with them at their homes during his years on the job.

In 2005, Kyzer was awarded the Top Rookie Trophy after scoring 196 out of 200 points in the U.S. Police Canine Association detection competition in Iowa. Kyzer placed third overall against approximately 100 other dogs.

During his active years Kyzer was called upon for many narcotics searches, tracking suspects who ran from the scene and searching school lockers for illegal drugs. In his first year alone, Kyzer assisted deputies more than 50 times and played a part in 21 arrests, mainly for narcotics violations.

As for retirement life, Top explains that it’s easy living for Kyzer.

“If he behaves, Kyzer gets free reign of the place. He has his bed in the front office here, and he even has his own hammock by his bed in the garage,” Top explained, laughing. “He definitely gets a lot more treats and toys now.”

The sheriff’s office is looking to getting another patrol canine this year.

“We received a grant from the Osceola Community Foundation for $3,500 to go toward getting a new dog,” Osceola County Sheriff Doug Weber said. “We have an officer interested, and we hope to know by the summer whether we can get a new dog or not. We’re actually looking at getting a Labrador, who will be used for narcotic detection.”

The sheriff’s office is also applying for two other grants that could also assist with obtaining a new dog.

“There are a K-9 lead grant out of Kansas and a Midwest K-9 grant out of Des Moines, so either one of those two places we could get a new dog from,” Top explained.

As for Kyzer, he will remain at the station greeting folks as they walk in, and keeping a watchful eye at the sheriff’s office.

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Erin Trester
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