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Blast From the Past: What do you remember

Les Knutson

Daily Globe sports columnist 

WORTHINGTON — Here it is already the middle of August and most of the summer is already a “Blast From the Past.”

Before a new fall sports season swings into action, I would like to time some time to reflect back on some previous “blasts” and look ahead to some upcoming ones with another quiz. It’s been a long time since I have had a “quiz column” — but there have been several, so this one may be long overdue.

Most of these questions are from previous blasts — some from several years ago and others from more recent ones — while a few are from ideas for upcoming features (though the names have been mentioned in the past).

Here’s the new set of questions:

1) High school football season is right around the corner. Which area town, which no longer has a high school, won 25 consecutive games — playing eight-man football — in the middle 1960s?

The streak started with a fifth-game victory in 1963 (the school’s homecoming) and ended with a loss to a nearby rival in the sixth game of 1966. The team was undefeated (8-0) in both 1964 and 1965.

Can you name the school (town) and its nickname? Who did they defeat to begin the 25-game winning streak and which team ended the run?

2) What year was the first Turkey Day 10K and who won the race?

3) Can you name the three senior running backs on the 1967 Worthington Trojan football team, which shared the Southwest Conference championship with?

4) Can you name the three starting outfielders on the 1964 Worthington Trojan baseball team, which won the District 8 championship?

5) Can you name the two area guys who became local county sheriffs after owning district pole vault records for several years?

6) Speaking of pole vaulting, who set a new Region 2 record in the event (12-5½) in 1964 after finishing second in the District 7 meet to a future Minnesota Gopher punter and defensive back? This 1964 Region 2 champion was also a single wing tailback in football and a starting guard in basketball for a Southwest Conference team. Who was the guy who beat him in the district meet?

7) Who ran a blistering time of 9.9 in the prelims of the 100-yard dash at that same 1964 District 7 track and field meet in Jackson? He was a star running back for a Seven Star Conference team and also played basketball. Nearly 30 years later, this multi-talented guy was teaching art and coaching girls basketball at his alma mater.

8) My four sons and I took a baseball trip in September of 2008, which included a day’s stop at which famous place in a small town? Which three fields did we see games at (two before the historic visit and one after)?

9) Which former Daily Globe sports reporter was an All-State football player (offensive center, defensive linebacker) in 1961? His team finished 8-0-1 that season. Who did he play for? Which conference did he play in? Who tied them for the league championship? What was the name of his column when he wrote for the Globe?

10) Who is the tall guy who owns a grocery store, enjoys writing sports stories (he can lavish them up pretty well), has two daughters who both excelled in basketball at Minnesota West and has a son who pitched a perfect game in VFW baseball this summer?

There you have it. That’s actually 20 questions, asking for 28 answers.

I will have the answers in Monday’s Daily Globe. But if you think you can come up with at least 20 answers, shoot me an e-mail at or call me at 507-822-2053 and tell me what you know!