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Building permit issued for work on Northland Mall

Crews work Wednesday afternoon on the Northland Mall roof in Worthington. Brian Korthals/Daily Globe

WORTHINGTON — Some work has begun on the roof of the Northland Mall. 

According to documents provided to the Daily Globe, a building permit was filed with the city of Worthington for a portion of the building’s roof.

“The contractors, on behalf of the mall owner, have obtained a building permit to repair a segment of the roof,” said Brad Chapulis, Worthington Director of Community/Economic Development. “It’s 12,000 square feet of the roof that pertains to the east entrance and the hallway to the theater.

“It’s nowhere near the 168,000 square feet of roof,” he added.

On March 10, the city sent a letter to Mike Kohen of Northland Mall Realty Management LLC outlining unsafe conditions at the mall. Among those items listed were roofing membrane failures and water intrusion, roof coverings saturated with water and the compromising of suspended ceiling systems.

However, while patching a portion of the roof may deal with a few of the issues, others — including HVAC systems and lack of ventilation — have not been addressed. There are also other areas of the roof that won’t be fixed under this permit, Chapulis said.

“It doesn’t address all the items outlined in the March 10th certified letter to Mr. Kohen ordering him to abate the items,” Chapulis said. “We’ve had no communication with the ownership of finding out his intent.

“He legally has the right to do all the repair all the items in the letter or provide us a plan of action for our consideration by April 10,” Chapulis continued. “At this point, we’ve had no communication with him. The only communication we’ve had is with the contractors who are on site doing the spot repair work.”

Chapulis didn’t say if the Northland Mall repairs were a step in right direction.

“It may, but with the lack of communication, I can’t say that it firmly is,” he said. “Being in this situation with him the last six months, the lack of communication has been par for the course. While he may be doing some of the repair work, there is a lot more to be done. He has not given any indication what his plan of action is.”

Contractor Robert Smith signed for the permit. It was submitted on Monday, and the valuation of work was listed as $16,000.

“We were surprised that there is a crew on site to do some patch repair,” Chapulis said. “Being that it’s not for the full space and they are only doing a certain area, they are still neglecting a large percentage of the space of the mall, which continues to deteriorate on a daily basis.”

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