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Column: What Worthington Christian School means to its students

By LORI EEKHOFF, Worthington Christian School

WORTHINGTON — I have been blessed to attend Christian schools my entire life. My parents made the choice to send me to a Christian elementary school and high school. When the time came to start applying to colleges, I felt God calling me to Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa with a major in elementary education. Right out of college I came to Worthington Christian School and have never regretted heeding my calling. I find it difficult to imagine my childhood or adult life without Christian education. It really defines who I am and what I am passionate about.

As an adult it is easy to verbalize my passion for Christian education, but what about the WCS students I see every day? Do they understand what a gift their parents are giving them? I decided to find out. I asked Worthington Christian students to respond to the following question: What does your Christian education mean to you?

* It helps me find out what God has planned for me and what He wants me to do. It also reminds me of the things He’s done for many people and the things He will do for me. It makes me feel close enough to reach out to Him as He calls my name to serve and live for Him. (Allen, seventh grade)

* I like Christian education because we learn about God every day and have time to pray to Him. (Lydia, third grade)

* First, it really means a lot to me. It means good education built in. It means I’m blessed with a whole lot. It means I should be thankful for what I have because there are a whole lot of kids that can’t afford any of it. People might say that we’re the “rich kids,” but we are not rich unless we believe in Christ. If you are a believer in Christ, you are a rich person. You might say, “I wish I went to a public school where there are a lot of kids!” But, did you know that if you have smaller classes you can do more things? Going to Worthington Christian School means I’m going to have a bright future. (Rebecca, sixth grade)

* I like that I have a Christian education because I get the privilege to be able to talk to God in prayer and learn about Him. (Madelyn, fourth grade)

* Christian education is that we can learn about God and go to heaven and sing to God and pray to God anytime. (Madison, second grade)

* It means that we take Christ first. We learn about God and unlike other schools we have Bible class. We dwell in the Lord when we are at school and should anywhere. Christian schools are Christ worthy schools. In every class we seek God’s help and leading. (Chris, fifth grade)

* To me, Christian education means being set apart by God. I’m different because of it — not better, but different. To be able to talk openly about Christ with friends and teachers is something you cannot put a price on. Christian education helps me with my relationship not only with God, but also with my friends. I’ve built many strong relationships with my classmates, and we have a lot of fun together. I know that my education has set me on the right path for a great Christian life with God. (Anneke, eighth grade)

* Christian education means you and I can learn about God. (Brenna, first grade)

Our theme for 2013-2014 is “Plant a Seed … Grow in Christ.” The student responses demonstrate that seeds of faith are being planted. At Worthington Christian School, we seek to nurture those seeds so that they may grow and flourish in the light of the Son.

Lori Eekhoff is principal at Worthington Christian School.

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