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Council approves boat lift storage in Slater Park

WORTHINGTON — In a close vote Tuesday night, the Worthington City Council approved boat lifts to be placed in Slater Park.

The motion passed on a 3-2 vote to allow Mark Thier to store lifts in the park after lengthy discussion.

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In a previous meeting, Thier was approved to use Sunset Park for the lifts.

“The reason I wanted to keep them at Slater is just the convenience for people that live on that side of the lake,” Thier said. “Basically, anybody on the south side, I like to keep them in the Slater Park area.”

Council member Mike Kuhle said the current lifts there are stacked well.

“I’ve been by there several times in the last few days and they seemed to be stacked up really nice,” he said. “They seem to be in the tree line, so if someone is looking out from their house, they can still see the lake.”

Council member Scott Nelson said that allowing it this year would be acceptable, but not in following years.

“I was thinking just leave it alone at Slater this year and in the future it will not be allowed,” Nelson said.

Council member Ron Wood said he had an issue with people across the street shouldn’t have to look at other’s lifts.

“There is a reason they don’t want to have it in their backyard,” he said. “They don’t want to have to look at it all winter. If we made a mistake last year, that’s one thing but I think we now need to correct that. I know if I lived across the street, I would be screaming.”

But, Wood said he would be OK with Sunset.

“That area has always been, I’ll call it a work area,” he said. “I’m OK with that. But I have a lot of problems where if we’re talking about the lake in the winter or summer that we should not be blocking or impeding the view of that where we own the property.”

Council member Rod Sankey said he’s not sure what people are looking at.

“You don’t watch the fish houses and the people out on the lake?” Wood asked.

Another issue was if this would be starting a precedent.

“Is it a precedent that all of the city property, everybody could store everything on it if they wanted to if they petition or pay a fee?” council member Diane Graber said. “It seems like it could easily get out of control.”

Graber and Wood voted against the motion, which passed on a 3-2 vote. It will allow Thier to use Sunset Park for three years at a cost of $500 per year.

In a meeting that lasted 40 minutes, the council heard the second reading of a proposed ordinance vacating part of an easement as well as a first reading of an ordinance to vacate portion of platted utility easement.

The council had its regular meeting Tuesday because the city offices were closed Monday due to Veterans Day.