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Dahlberg rolls through Worthington

U.S. Senate candidate Chris Dahlberg made a campaign stop at the Ground Round Wednesday night. Brian Korthals/Daily Globe

WORTHINGTON — While driving down Humiston Avenue Wednesday evening, passersby may have noticed a makeshift porch (yes, a porch) at the Ground Round. The touring porch is part of Chris Dahlberg’s 17-city “Rolling Front Porch” tour. 

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Dahlberg is one of multiple Republican contenders vying for the opportunity to try to unseat Sen. Al Franken in the November election. A lawyer from Duluth, he currently serves as a St. Louis County commissioner and as a Duluth Seaway Port Authority commissioner. Last year he completed a 25-year stint in the Army Reserve, which included a tour of duty in Iraq.

“I always have said that I take a front porch leadership approach, meaning you’ll always know where I stand on all the issues,” Dahlberg said. “So I want people to feel like they’re sitting on their front porch discussing the issues with me, because I want to feel like I’m everyone’s senator.”

Dahlberg was in Worthington back in February and had a goal of being well known throughout the state and getting his name out there. Dahlberg said he has now accomplished that goal.

“There seems to be more of a metro leaning for candidates, but I think I’m breaking through to that statewide basis by discussing those key issues,” Dahlberg said.

Dahlberg explained that his campaign focuses on three major issues that he feels need to be addressed immediately.

“The No. 1 one thing is the $17 trillion debt,” Dahlberg said. “We need to get a handle on that. Right now every man, woman and child owes $50,000.

“I have a 9-year-old daughter, Maija, and not only will she be facing student debt, but if we don’t fix this she will have this federal debt hanging over her, too.

“To fix this, it will take time, but we just take it one bite at a time. There are numerous things the government can be doing to decrease costs. For example, we have 45,000 federal buildings that are either not being used or being under-used that cost the country about $20 billion,” he added.

Dahlberg brought up the second issue of the Affordable Health Care Act, stating that Obama’s promise of every family saving $2,300 was “not the case.”

“The government is forcing people what to buy,” Dahlberg said. “Our middle class is suffering because of it, and the Affordable Health Care Act doesn’t address it.”

Government regulations are also a hot topic for Dahlberg, stating that the federal government overregulates, and that he feels the country should focus on small government.

“The government is getting out of control. I feel as though there is too much power in Washington, D.C., and when that happens you don’t have effective government,” Dahlberg said.

With his military background, Dahlberg said he brings insight into matters of national security and the war on terrorism. But most of all, Dahlberg said people should support him during the caucuses because he has the best shot at beating Franken in November.

“I know there are people that commend Sen. Franken for coming from the comedy world and putting on a serious face, but I think there needs to be someone who will face the serious issues, and I don’t believe he has done that,” Dahlberg said.

The Republican candidate for the Senate seat will ultimately be decided at the state convention in Rochester at the end of the month, and Dahlberg feels good about his chances.

“There is no other candidate on the road right now,” he said. “Nobody is out-working me, and I think the people will see that.”

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Erin Trester
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