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Drug bust leads to five arrests

BREWSTER — The execution of a search warrant last week in Brewster led to five arrests on drug-related charges.

On Wednesday, the Buffalo Ridge Task Force executed a search warrant in the 900 block of Fifth Avenue.

Prior to serving the search warrant, agents conducted surveillance on the residence and saw a black pickup truck pull into the driveway. Two men — later identified as Ryan Fitzgerald and Tyler Ober — were let inside the residence.

According to court documents, when agents knocked on the door, a woman who officials recognized from prior police contacts, Susan Elizabeth Bales, 41, answered the door. After she opened the door, she started to head toward the bathroom, and agents noticed she was holding something in her hand. Bales, Fitzgerald and Ober were then detained pending the search.

During the search, Bales allegedly stated that she had a pipe in her bedroom on top of the bed. Agents then found a sunglasses case between the box spring and mattress that contained a glass pipe wrapped in paper towel. The pipe contained a white residue that later field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Agents then arrested Bales and transported her to the Nobles County Jail. They also contacted the Rock/Nobles County Probation Department and learned that there was a warrant for Fitzgerald’s arrest for probation violations. He was also arrested and transported to the law enforcement center.

While agents continued searching the residence, Bales’ phone was receiving text messages and phone calls from Michelle Rene King, 53, of Fulda, and Joshua James Kindel, 23, of Fulda.

According to the criminal complaint, the text messages indicated that King and Kindel were on their way to Bales’ residence and that Kindel was going to wait in the vehicle while King went inside the house.

Agents also knew from prior police contacts that King and Kindel were involved with controlled substances. Bales’ phone was also receiving text messages and phone calls from a man who stated he was waiting for the “guy” to get there. Due to the nature of the text messages, the agents believed the man was referring to waiting for methamphetamine.

According to the criminal complaint, agents then saw King’s vehicle arrive at the residence, and she was detained after walking into the house. She allegedly told officials that she was there to deliver cigarettes to Bales and that her son was waiting in the car. Agents located plastic zip baggies, a straw and a smoking device in King’s purse. The baggies and tube field tested positive for methamphetamine. King was then arrested and later transported to the Nobles County Jail.

Kindel was then detained and brought into the residence. Agents asked him if he was on probation, and he allegedly stated that he was. Law enforcement contacted Kindel’s probation agent, who confirmed that he was on probation and was ordered to abstain from the use of controlled substances. Kindel allegedly admitted that he used methamphetamine two days before his arrest. Kindel was arrested and transported to the Nobles County Jail, where he provided a urine sample that tested positive for methamphetamine and THC, according to court documents.

Agents then saw another vehicle pull into Bales’ driveway. A man identified as Enrique Pedro Aguero, 35, of Worthington, walked up to the residence, but when he discovered police were inside, he started to run off. Aguero was detained, and agents noticed a folding knife and a pack of cigarettes containing a plastic zip-type bag with a crystalline substance in it lying next to him on the ground, according to court documents.

The substance later field tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed approximately 0.7 grams, including packaging. Aguero allegedly told agents he had the knife for his protection as someone had a problem with him. Aguero was then arrested and transported to the Nobles County Jail.

Agents continued the search of the residence and found items including electronic devices and a glass pipe with residue. Drug paraphernalia was also located in the living room and basement, and a bong was found in the garage.

Ober was transported to the Prairie Justice Center, however he was not officially under arrest and could leave. Ober allegedly told agents that when he got to Bales’ residence she told him that Aguero had her car and she had given him $80 to get an “eight-ball” of methamphetamine. Ober was then released.

According to court documents, Aguero allegedly said to agents during an interview that the methamphetamine belonged to Bales, who had been living at the residence and felt obligated to purchase methamphetamine for her in exchange for staying at the house. King also made a statement to police, allegedly admitting to having the plastic zip baggies and the straw in her purse. King said to agents that she anticipated smoking methamphetamine when she arrived at the Brewster residence.

According to the criminal complaint, Bales allegedly told agents that the pipe found in her bedroom belonged to Aguero, but admitted that she smoked out of it. She stated that she gave Aguero $80 to purchase methamphetamine and had asked him to pick up an “eight-ball.” Bales also said that she had pawned some jewelry and gave him $200 for the purchase the night before, but he did not come back until the next morning. She also said that Ober and Fitzgerald wanted methamphetamine, and that is why she asked for the “eight-ball.”

Bales is currently facing one count of fifth-degree felony drug charges, as well as one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. She makes her initial court appearance later this month.

Aguero and King currently face one count of fifth-degree felony drug charges and will make an initial court appearance later this month.

Kindel is facing one count of fugitive from justice from other states, a felony offense.

Erin Trester
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