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Evans takes two first-place ribbons at Pipestone County Fair

Mason Evans shows off the first place ribbons he won with his heifer, Bubbles. Alex Purdy/Daily Globe

PIPESTONE — For Mason Evans’ first time in the ring competitively, it wasn’t a bad showing.

Evans and Bubbles, his heifer, took home two first-place purple ribbons Thursday morning at the Pipestone County Fair. Evans participated in two events in the morning — the First-Year Dairy Members class and the Holstein Jr. Heifer Calf class.

In the first event, Evans’ lone competition was another youngster, Rogen Smidt. The judge, John Schroeder, couldn’t quite decide whose calf was the better, so he awarded both young men purple ribbons.

In the second event, the competition pool was larger, with five total entries to compete against — including Evans’ older sister, Nakia. In that event, Mason once again tied for first place.

So how did it feel to do so well in his first day of competition?

“It felt pretty exciting,” said the 9-year old Evans. “It was fun.”

Evans learned how to competitively show cattle from his father, Paul.

“He taught me everything I know,” said Evans. “I practice about an hour or two a week.”

Evans hopes he isn’t done with his winning, as he shows another cow — who he admits has a slight — today.

“My favorite cow is my steer,” said Evans. “I think I get to show him sometime (today) or Saturday.”

Evans was adamant that he will continue to show the animals in the future.

“Definitely — I will keep doing it. I have never showed anything else, and this is really fun. I can’t wait to do it again.”

It wasn’t long before Evans became more interested in running around with his friends showing off his ribbons than answering questions.

One couldn’t blame him. Today, Mason Evans is likely the proudest kid in Pipestone County.