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Finding Mr. White

Winter Haven, Fla., resident Lydia Lewis received two boxes of items during a recent move that did not belong to her. The boxes belong to former Worthington resident David White. Lewis is searching for leads on White to reunite him with his personal items. Photo Courtesy of

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. — Anyone know how to get in touch with David L. White?

A woman in Florida has made it her mission to track down a former Worthington resident. Lydia Lewis moved to the Sunshine State in March of this year. After waiting for three months for her belongings to arrive from the moving company, she got more than she bargained for. Among the boxes were two filled with possessions belonging to David White. Lewis is determined to reunite White with his “memories” following the extended absence of her own belongings.

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Lewis began the search for White by going through the boxes to find any identifying items. So far, she’s determined he is a 1966 graduate of Worthington High School, thanks to a yearbook and class reunion information. She also discovered he is a former employee of Medtronics in the Twin Cities and may have served in the military.

Lewis said she cried every day when she didn’t have her belongings and feels White may also be upset without his.

“It’s important for him to get back his stuff,” Lewis said, “Maybe God brought it (White’s belongings) to me to look after.”

Lewis contacted her local news station for help after repeated calls to the moving company went unanswered and social media attempts to find him failed. She now hopes someone in Worthington may be able to help find White so she can return the boxes. So far, the only local lead puts White moving to Florida, but no contact information or where exactly he was moving to.

Anyone with information about White’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Daily Globe, 376-9711; email

Robin Baumgarn

Robin Baumgarn is a new reporter for the Daily Globe covering the Education and Northwest Iowa beats. Prior to coming to the Globe, she worked for the Ocheyedan Press-Melvin News, a weekly Iowa paper for three years. She is a 2012 graduate of Iowa Lakes Community College and lives in Northwest Iowa with her husband Ryan and three pets, Fidget, Missy and Samwise.

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