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German exchange student gets settled in Worthington

Hello Worthington,

I'm Katrin Staudacher, the exchange student from your sister city, Crailsheim, Germany. I left Germany on Aug. 8 and came to Worthington.

I live with my first host family, the Dudleys. I have four host siblings, but only Ellen and Will are living here in Worthington with me. Anneli and Quentin are away at the University. My host parents are Lori and Steve.

I'm always busy. In the first week we were very often at the lake, and I got to know how you can tube and waterski. I was also in the amusement park "Valley Fair," and I had very much fun!

I chose soccer for my fall sport. It is very much fun but also very intense. We have to run very much, but now I'm in very good shape.

In my first quarter I took Pre-calculus, AP U.S. History, Marching Band, Concert Choir and Graphics 1. Pre-Calculus and History are very hard for me because of so many new words and meanings. But I notice that my language gets better every day.

I was also at the mayor's breakfast with Adrienne Poppen, the last exchange student to Crailsheim. After that, I marched with the WHS Band in the parade as a part of the Honor Guard. Then I went through the parade a second time with Adrienne, and I enjoyed it very much.

We had Homecoming last week, and it was a lot of fun. It's funny when you see that almost everybody is dressed up and you see the crazy costumes. I dressed up, too, and I was excited for the Homecoming Football game because I play there in the Pep Band and we march on the field. And, after that, is my first Homecoming dance!

Katrin Staudacher

Crailsheim exchange student