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Here comes the Regatta


WORTHINGTON — With the city of Worthington hosting the National Windsurfing Championships during the annual Windsurfing Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival this week, there will be a few changes to the usual schedule of events.

First of all, the festival starts earlier in the week. Roads near Sailboard Beach will be blocked off Monday, and set-up for the event will begin shortly after. The Opening Ceremony will take place Wednesday night, officially kicking off the five-day event.

Other changes involving art, music and the windsurfers themselves are part of this year’s festival.

“One of the biggest changes with this year’s event involves the art grant we were awarded,” explained Ken Moser, who chairs the event’s board of directors.

“There will be five artists coming to do different things. We have a chainsaw artist, a mural being painted and mobiles being made, as well as a retouching of the current mural near the beach. … This year there is a huge arts expansion, and that’s a big change.”

Along with a bigger art presence throughout the week will be four nights of free open-air music (Wednesday-Saturday) as well as live entertainment on the beach Saturday. A variety of bands will be playing every night except Sunday, entertaining late into the evening.

This year, Moser said the number of windsurfers in Worthington will be more than ever, due to changes in the classes of windsurfing events.

“When we were awarded nationals last year, they added a couple of classes, Slalom and Formula,” Moser said. “As of (Thursday) we had 45 surfers registered, and I believe we could potentially have as many as 100 windsurfers coming to town.

I think a lot of that comes from the addition of those two classes.”

Citizens can expect to see windsurfers on the water as early as Wednesday afternoon, as registration opens that morning.

“Each year, it (the festival) just expands and enhances,” Moser said.

Anyone with questions can visit the festival’s website at or call the Worthington Chamber of Commerce at 372-2919.