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Lake Park city building gets new look

The façade of Lake Park, Iowa, City Hall has been updated with new brick and new windows. (BETH RICKERS/DAILY GLOBE)

LAKE PARK, Iowa — Lake Park’s City Hall has recently undergone a transformation, and more updates to the structure are in the works.

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“I’d go as far to say that we’ve got a good start,” said City Administrator Wade Wagoner. “In my opinion, it’s still too two-dimensional, and we’re going to try to incorporate elements that are going to give it some dimension.”

The building located at 217 Market St. — known as the Boyer Building — houses the city administration and utility officers. New brickwork and windows have given it a more modern appearance while keeping the historical integrity.

“We chose kiln-fired brick because it is durable and timeless and is the historically correct material for use in most Iowa downtowns,” Wagoner explained.

So far, about $15,000 has been spent on the renovations, but Wagoner hopes the city council will invest a bit more into the update.

“It continues to evolve,” he said. “The general consensus is we’re not done. We still have some things to put on the building: the possibility of some planters over the windows; benches under the windows; the possibility of awnings; and we’re definitely going to do the city seal.”

Wagoner has proposed a public art contest to come up with a design for the seal, involving students at the elementary and high school as well as public submissions. The seal would be engraved on the building’s façade.

“We’re also contemplating the city flag, which also might appear on the building,” he said. “We could use the existing logo or have another contest to create a city flag.”

Hired as the city administrator about 11 months ago, Wagoner has been working with the city council to implement what he terms “feel-good projects” to improve the community’s image and appeal. The town’s water tower was also recently repainted.

“We’re lucky to be growing and be able to do stuff like this,” he said. “Not everybody can.”

Wagoner would like to see a wave of renovation spread through Lake Park’s business district, and he’s come up with a list of details that could be incorporated into the downtown designs, including signs, materials, streetscape, lighting and landscaping.

“(We want to) use our city hall as a springboard to incent other quality façade renovation in the downtown,” he said. “This will likely involve working with the Lake Park development Corp. to come up with financial assistance to building facades that incorporate good downtown design.”

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