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Lake Park offers residents a treasure hunt

The city of Lake Park is hosting its first city-wide treasure hunt next week beginning Monday. Residents are invited to search for this stainless steel medallion with the city’s new seal. The prize is valued at $150. (Submitted photo)

LAKE PARK, Iowa — Residents of Lake Park are preparing for a treasure hunt.

Beginning Monday, current and recent residents are encouraged to follow the clues to uncover the city’s new medallion. The event will take place through Friday.

City Administrator Wade Wagoner said the idea was presented to the city by Carol Johnson and Jane Heikens of the Heritage Square Group. Wagoner said the city has recently created a new city seal, and that the treasure hunt is one unique way to promote the change and offer citizens activities heading into Labor Day weekend.

Wagoner added that if the event is successful, the city may consider having an annual treasure hunt. The medallion of the city seal was created by A-1 Jet of Sioux Falls, S.D., and is valued at $150.

Each day of the hunt, a new clue will be offered in businesses around the city. Only residents of Lake Park in the past six months are eligible to compete.

On Friday, the Heritage Square Museum will celebrate the end of the contest with hot dogs, chips and more at 11:45 a.m., followed by a flag-raising ceremony at city hall at 1:30 p.m. Wagoner said the winner of the contest will hopefully be determined by and announced during the flag ceremony.

The clue locations are:

Monday: Cap’n Ken’s

Tuesday: Buy Rite Grocery

Wednesday: Stan’s Corner

Thursday: Lake Park Post Office

Friday: Heritage Square