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Leadercast coming to Worthington

WORTHINGTON — For the second year, Leadercast will be available in Worthington. 

Each year, the Leadercast event is broadcast live from Atlanta, Ga. to hundreds of sites around the world. This year’s event is May 9, and can be attended at Minnesota West Community and Technical College in the Fine Arts Theater.

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A year ago, Roxanne Hayenga, who does customized training at Minnesota West, organized the Leadercast in Worthington. She said there was good attendance, and it was well received.

“One of the attendees said, ‘Next year, I’m going to get the Student Senate at the college to bring some people from the college here,’” Hayenga said. “So the Student Senate is sending people here from Minnesota West. It’s really nice to have the student interaction with the businesses.”

More than 100,000 leaders from 14 countries attended Leadercast last year. This is the 15th year of the conference.

The lineup features many well-known speakers, including Andy Stanley, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Malcolm Gladwell, Randall Wallace, Bill McDermott, Laura Schroff, Dr. Henry Cloud, Simon Sinek and Laura Bush.

“We are also going to have some local organizations (present) during the breakout times to give us a little synopsis of what they do and how they utilize Leadercast in their mission and vision in their organization,” Hayenga said.

According to a release, “Leadercast exists to positively change the way the world thinks about leadership.”

“The idea is that we all have leadership roles,” Hayenga said.

“Whether you’re a manager or part of a family, you use leadership skills everyday in your life,” Hayenga continued. “You learn how to interact with different people, and it’s a day where you can be revitalized.”

This year’s theme is “Beyond You.” Its goal is to challenge leaders to focus outward rather than inward.

“One thing about Leadercast — it definitely is inspiring,” Hayenga said. “I think for people who have not participated, Leadercast is very well done and very professional.”

Hayenga said continuing education units are offered for nursing, social work, nursing home administrators and leadership.

Leadercast will begin with registration at 7:30 a.m. The first session begins at 8 a.m. The program concludes at 4 p.m.

Tickets are required for the event. To register, contact Hayenga at 372-3468 before May 7. For more information, visit More tickets still need to be sold to ensure Leadercast can return next year. The event can be found on Facebook at or on Twitter at @wgtnleadercast.

“You probably don’t feel like you can be connected, but they do encourage the use of social media,” Hayenga said. “There is the ability to interact with speakers that are presenting. They really try to engage the audience, which is one of the neatest things.”

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