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Let's 'pool together' for new outdoor pool

Summer is officially over. With the end of summer comes a feeling of great disappointment; did I get outside often enough to enjoy what summer has to offer before the Minnesota cold sets in?

Sadly, I didn't. The hot weather kept me indoors too often because I only want to be out in the heat if I can keep myself cool with water. One of my favorite summer activities is swimming. There's nothing better than cool water on a hot day. In Worthington, I swam twice in the lake. I can count on one hand the number of times I swam in an outdoor pool.

None of those outdoor pool experiences was in Worthington. I loaded up the kids and met my friends in other towns just to enjoy an outdoor swimming pool that had space to accommodate both teens and youngsters. I have no complaint about the one choice for an outdoor pool experience in Worthington; it just doesn't suit my preference. I want a large pool with space enough for a game of catch or a diving board without running the risk of interfering with what others are doing.

I'm not writing to complain about the YMCA's outdoor pool or about how or why the city gave up on the outdoor pool that Worthington used to have; what's done is done. I'm writing to say that I miss the old outdoor pool and I want a new one! Yes, I want a new outdoor pool in Worthington! And I'm not alone.

I'm working with a group called Citizens Pooling Together that also wants a new outdoor pool. I'm part of this group because I worry that without an outdoor pool of adequate size, the children of Worthington don't have much to do in the summer. Kids should be outside but without a safe place to congregate and have fun, where are they going? A better question may be what are they doing? I want a safe place for teens to congregate and swim, a fun place for younger children to splash and swim without crowding the teens that need a-pool big enough for a game of catch or Marco Polo.

Worthington needs an outdoor pool that enhances the quality of life for all residents and attracts visitors. I would much rather spend my recreation dollars in town. A centrally located, bigger swimming pool is needed in Worthington. There are many unanswered questions about a new outdoor pool, but Citizens Pooling Together is working on finding the answers. We've created a Facebook page called New Outdoor Pool for the City of Worthington. Check it out!

Citizens Pooling Together will also be at various community events to provide information for families and interested community residents. I hope you agree that Worthington needs a bigger outdoor pool for our kids.