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Letter: 4-H will be 'Ready 4 Fun' next week

Looking for a family-oriented organization where youth learn and grow and have a positive outlet for their energy and talents? 4-H is it!

Oct. 2-8 is 4-H week. Come and see 4-H in action! Attend the 4-H "Ready 4 Fun" event at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 3, hosted by the Elk Tip Toppers 4-H Club at the Reading Community Center.

4-H promotes "learning by doing." Anyone from kindergarten through the first year of college can be involved, and opportunities for learning are endless. Select from project areas like: science, technology, leadership, citizenship, fashion, creative arts, wildlife, gardening, agriculture and much more.

4-Hers learn life-long skills including: public speaking, team work, time management, decision making and problem solving.

The University of Minnesota Extension website includes a report from Tufts University that highlights how youth benefit from 4-H. It states that 4-H youths:

* Have better grades and are more emotionally engaged in school.

* Are more than twice as likely to be civically active.

* Are more likely to attend college.

* Are more likely to have personal characteristics of positive youth development: competence, confidence, and caring.

The Elk Tip Toppers 4-H club has been part of our community for more than 75 years, with members from Adrian, Fulda, Wilmont, Reading, Rushmore, Lismore, Worthington and Brewster. In celebration of 4-H week, the public is invited to attend "Ready 4 Fun." Learn about 4-H, see 4-H project displays, play games and win prizes!

For 4-H information, contact Kendra Van Beusekom, Nobles County Extension Office, at (507) 295-5314.