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Letter: An alternative route for Minnesota 60

This is in regard to the Minnesota 60 route that is coming out of Iowa. I've sat and read all the ideas of moving houses and bulldozing this and that and anything else that happens to be in the way of progress.

I don't have a degree in anything. I'm a retired farmer, but I do believe I could come with a much simpler and cheaper way for traffic to come into Minnesota and still come into Worthington to shop if they so desire.

After leaving Bigelow, the road could come up along the west side of Worthington until it hooks up with Interstate 90. I'm sure there would be problems there, too, but nothing to compare with what they have now. Two large machinery dealers, many homes to destroy and a railroad ... and many, many more, but I think you get the idea.

If people want to stop in Worthington, they'll stop no matter what side they are on.

Where we live, we have a choice of County Road 35 East or Interstate 90 East, and I like to take either going west to Adrian, Luverne or Sioux Falls.