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Letter: America is reaping what it has sown with abortion

After abortion, the most disturbing trend in America is the teaching of micro-evolution (really bad science) in public schools. There is a connection between the two.

When man is put on the same level as animals, population control becomes "moral." If we must have abortion, let us -- as our president continually lectures us -- "be fair." When a woman requests an abortion, she must flip a coin to determine who gets aborted -- heads she does, tails the baby does. This would end most abortions overnight.

I agree with the "left" that many women who get abortions are not prepared mentally, financially or spiritually to be a mother, but the baby should still be given a chance through adoption or an orphanage.

I am convinced that if America would protect its unborn, God would protect us from terrorism. The money saved from useless wars in the Middle East could then be used to raise and nurture our "unwanted" children. We would be doubly blessed because, as Psalm 127 says, "Lo children are an heritage of the Lord ... happy is the man (or country) that hath its quiver full of them." And, "Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." Job 24:29 says, "When He (God) giveth quietness who can make trouble ... whether it be done against a nation or against a man only."