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Letter: 'Anchor babies' comments display ignorance

In response to the recent letter "GOP does not hate Latinos," I must express my shock at hearing fellow human beings referred to as "stray cats." Such a callous comment could only be rendered by a Republican of today. It is dilatory and dehumanizing -- something in which they seem to excel, as they are always looking for someone to trash. It is obvious they are wishing for the new "communists" to be their unifying evil presence to hold together their disparate politicos.

As for the 14th Amendment being "obsolete," it is an appalling depiction of one of our world's greatest documents. I support our constitution and am a great believer in the rights and liberties guaranteed therein. It is incredible to me that anyone could ever think for one moment that our U.S. Constitution is flawed or "obsolete." I do not see any truth in such commentary.

So much misinformation and ignorance surrounding the spiel about "anchor babies" there is little space to debunk them here. Those whom repeat such political lies not only have no shame, they have no honor, operating to damage the ideals of our great nation.

The vile remarks are just that. Children born here, no matter who they are, are not unwanted kittens and say so is absolutely un-American.