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Letter: Be thankful for important people in your life

I am thankful for my best friend, Ted Buhner, who has been there for me when I needed him. I am thankful for Nancy Veen, Larry Rogers, Bruce Stugelmeyer and Kirk Schelhaas, who have shared their wisdom and maturity with me to help me be a better leader. I am thankful for Sherri Droll, Juli Bramsted, Barb Hussong and Myra Onnen, who always have a smile and a practical joke waiting to brighten my day. I am thankful for Pastor Sickmeyer and his wife for loving me as if I were their own flesh and blood. I am thankful for Nelson Bonilla, who is the most humble man I know. I am thankful for my neighbor Mr. Kuiper, who would give me the shirt off his back if I needed it. I am thankful to each of you for allowing me to serve you as a Police Sergeant. I am thankful for my wife, Kelly, who loves me in spite of all my shortcomings and failures. I am thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who saved my soul.

There are many, many more people whom I am thankful. If I missed you here, I am going to try to find you and tell you what you mean to me. For those reading this I ask you: Who are you thankful for, and when was the last time you genuinely told them? Not with a passing "thanks," but actually took the time to stop what you are doing, look them in the eyes and say "thank you."

I wonder how much better our lives would be if we were more appreciative of each other -- not just every day, but every minute of the day.