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Letter: Beware of credit card scam

I would like to share my recent experience with a new scam angle that was used on me in an effort to gain access to my credit card account. I had made a recent purchase on my credit card for an amount much larger than usual. I called my credit card company within the hour of purchase to confirm that indeed it was my desire to charge the said amount. The credit card company was happy that I confirmed, and my business transaction cleared immediately.

Six days later the business establishment where I had made the purchase received a call from "payment processing" requesting the home mailing address and home phone number associated with my purchase. They claimed that they needed this information in order to process the charge on the account. The owner with whom I did business called me and informed me of this problem. He was assuming that it was a legitimate request and there might be a problem. When I called the 800 number, the identification was not the typical greeting from my credit card company. It simply stated "payment processing center" and would have connected me to an extension number. I did not complete this call or connect with an extension.

I did, however, call my credit card company and asked them if they would ever do such a thing and call a business with whom I had made a purchase. I was assured that there would be no reason for such a call, and if there had been a problem with the charge they would have called me, the card holder, not the business establishment.

Please be aware of this "innocent" information request. Whether you are the customer making a purchase or the business establishment: never give out a home address and phone number in order to complete some transaction.