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Letter: City needs to shop local, too

With the big push to "Shop Worthington," I am wondering why so many contracts from the city of Worthington are being placed through companies from outside the Worthington area?

I do almost all of my shopping here in Worthington, with the exception of when visiting family in other towns. I've hired a contractor from Worthington to put an addition on our house. I've replaced windows and doors from our local businesses. I could have gone to a bigger city and received a "better deal." However, when I shop Worthington, I know I am supporting the businesses in our town. People who pay taxes, support many things such as our schools, community functions, property taxes, and local sporting events, to name a few.

In light of what has happened this past week, we do need additional help for removal of the fallen trees. However, with the "business as usual," we need to continue to support our local contractors. It seems to be a mixed message when the city hires out-of-town companies that do not contribute to our community. Yes, the city of Worthington can get a "better deal." We can all get a "better deal" from other places, but how does that contribute to our city? Times are tough, but if we work together, we can make Worthington an even better place to live.