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Letter: City's involvement in library project has been minimal

In response to the story recognizing the three outgoing county commissioners, I could not help but see the interest in pushing the library project to be a city project.

While this may be a worthy project, it is viewed differently by many citizens of the county and has always been, to this point, a county project. Now, on the way out the door as elected county commissioners, two of the members make statements that the city should be involved in the project. To date, our involvement has been a request for site assistance or business relocation assistance.

One would think that if the city was being looked at as a possible partner in the library project, we would have been offered a say in the feasibility study, the location, the architectural design and -- for sure -- the cost. It seems to have gotten a long way down the track before a temporary halt was given until new commissioners are sworn in.

The City Council has tried to be good stewards of the proceeds of the hospital sale, spending many hours deliberating requests for funds and always wanting to preserve several million dollars as endowed funds. It is kind of like a lottery winner having a bunch of new friends, with several different groups with different passions looking for resources. We know the requests well, and each on their own merit are valuable, but we also recognize it is not our personal checkbook and we must spend wisely or soon the money could be gone.

Perhaps the commissioners were right in delaying the process. They now will be able to, with a new makeup of the board, reassess the scope of the project and maybe -- just maybe -- involve the groups they apparently would like to partner with on the future of the library. If that is truly the case it could be that the location, cost and entire scope would look different than what has been presented at this time.

Thank you, and best wishes to the commissioners who are leaving. The citizens of Nobles County owe you a great deal of thanks for your efforts on their behalf. Good luck in the future.