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Letter: Community helps make Regatta special

This weekend marks the 13th annual Worthington Windsurfing Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival. This is a United States Windsurfing Association -- National Race Tour Event (one of 12 throughout the nation). The Worthington Okabena Windsurfers Board of Directors and many other people have come to the table to help make this event a reality. This regatta is powered by the wind that fills our sails, and it is also powered by the people that step up to make it happen.

The USWA recognizes that in 11 of these years Worthington has seen exceedingly good wind, a far better average than many regattas throughout the nation. In three of these years we have set near record-breaking wind speeds, and sailors are still talking about them. Few regattas can boast a music festival thrown into the mix. Numerous musicians that have been selected to play at the festival have since gone on to win national and international awards for their musical contributions and prowess.

Sailing, music, art and food --Worthington has stepped up to the plate (or, onto the windsurfing board) and is starting to make a name for itself in the world of windsurfing. Few places can boast of "The best wind in the MidWest!"

The United State Windsurfing Association salutes Worthington for its efforts. Our gratitude abounds.