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Letter: Community support is much appreciated

On March 13, 2009, my wife, Kelly, and I were told that she had cervical cancer. Those who have gone through an experience like this knows what I mean when I say that our world came to a sudden and abrupt stop. Everything that we thought was important became trivial. Our emotions ran wild with fear and uncertainty. On March 19, my wife underwent a modified radical hysterectomy at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls.

From the beginning we have been very public with what my wife is going through and have asked everyone for prayers. My fellow police officers at the Worthington Police Department have been very supportive along with each and every member of my church, Worthington Baptist Temple. On March 20, my wife's doctor told us the pathology report showed that the cancer had not spread beyond the cervix and that she would need no further treatments, i.e. chemotherapy, radiation or additional surgery.

I truly believe that our Lord Jesus Christ blessed my wife because of the prayers of his children. Many women and men got down on bended knee and prayed to God for my wife to be healed and our family to be cared for. Friends, family and co-workers demonstrated their support in person, by phone, in the mail, preparation of meals and offering to do whatever needed to be done. We count each and every one person as a blessing, and sent by God.

In short, we wish to publicly thank everyone who stood by us as we lived through this experience, and to those that are still giving their time and support to ensure my wife has a speedy recovery. Most importantly, I want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for his mercy and compassion, for without him we would be lost and in fear.