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Letter: Consider library project with county board vote

Our current Nobles County commissioners are working hard and fast to push through a $13 million bond issue. With the county's AA bond rating, we will probably be paying 5 percent interest on that borrowed money over the next 30 years. That will double the amount of the debt.

The county currently has more than $12 million in debt, and this bond would more than double our county deficit not counting the interest. We would then have $1,200 deficit (debt) for every citizen in the county. The library would cost more than $600 per citizen.

No compelling need has been shown for building a library. Library use by many people has diminished. I now look for information on the information highway, and all the kids carry computers.

We do not need a new library, and we should not allow the current commissioners to remain in office. Vote these guys out of office and stop the library plan.