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Letter: A contrast between dollars saved and wasted

Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.'s annual report ending June 30, 2010, shows a total revenue of $1,048,200,000. Of that total, $487,400,000 -- or 46.5 percent -- of its total income is from government grants and reimbursements.

In 2010, here in Minnesota, taxpayers paid $1,405,741 for 3,757 abortions.

Also in the year 2010, a combined total of revenue for three animal rights organizations -- ASPCA, PETA and HSUS -- was $297,075,106. Whatever the percentage of revenue these three animal rights organizations used for the care of animals was for saving. The percentage of revenue Planned Parenthood used for abortions, meanwhile, was for destroying.

The future of any nation that destroys its young is questionable.