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Letter: Council member encourages 'civility and respect'

I wish to respond to the letter to the editor written by Mayor Alan Oberloh and published in the Daily Globe on April 18.

The mayor had some rather stern words to the Nobles County commissioners concerning their decision on the redistricting plan. The plan adopted dealt with the commissioners' assigned districts and how it relates to the citizens of Worthington. As the mayor pointed out, the plan that they adopted was different than the plan the Worthington City Council endorsed. I, too, was disappointed with the commissioners' final decision.

That being said, here is where the mayor and I differ. I would like to let the citizens of Worthington, as well as the county commissioners, know that the mayor's comments were his view and did not reflect a view that is shared by all of the Worthington City Council. The county commissioners' decision was theirs to make, and giving them public criticism flies in the face of any efforts to build a working relationship.

I would like to look for opportunities for the Worthington City Council and the Nobles County Board of Commissioners to work together. That is not to say we always have to agree. However, I want to encourage that any disagreement we may encounter will be treated with an attitude of civility and respect. The citizens that we represent deserve to see elected officials working toward a compromise in areas in which we differ and not let those differences manifest themselves in a pattern of division. For the most part, we represent many of the same people and we must do our best at working together, with all the elected bodies, for the betterment of the city, county and the citizens we represent.

These are my views and may or may not reflect the views of my fellow elected officials.