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Letter: Do the wrong thing; it's worth it

Has anyone heard of personal responsibility? It's a pretty hard concept to grasp, but I will explain.

It's when people take responsibility for the decisions that they make. It's when people take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. This is something that our government and society has forgotten.

Today our society has lost the idea of personal responsibility. Those that do the right thing (who take personal responsibility) are often times making up for those that don't do the right thing.

Take, for instance, the Obama health care bill. Those that have done the right thing, either by getting an education or by working at a job are going to be paying into the health care system, and all those that can't afford it for whatever reason (many because they don't work or choose not to have it) will benefit from it.

It's kind of like the welfare system. Those that work hard for their money pay into it, while those that choose to have more children than what they can afford -- or those that choose not to work -- take from it. Or, even the criminal justice system. Those that do the right thing pay taxes from their hard-earned wages, while those that don't do the right thing end up in jail and get a warm bed, three meals a day and free cable. If you think criminals pay for their stay, you're wrong!

There are no rewards for doing the right thing anymore. But if you do the wrong thing, don't worry, we'll all help bail you out.