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Letter: Donations critical for Habitat home

Southwestern Minnesota Habitat for Humanity is excited to announce that we are "breaking ground" for our new home to be built at 213 E. Bishop, Luverne.

Southwestern Minnesota Habitat for Humanity has been partnering with families in the building of their homes in Nobles, Pipestone and Rock County communities for the past 10 years. With funds derived from the home payments, local businesses, organizations and individual donations of materials, money and labor, we have built eight homes within our communities. We have been blessed with the partnership of Thrivent Builds for the last two homes built in Pipestone and Worthington. This partnership is no longer available to us. As you may have noticed, a house was not been built in 2011 or 2012.

Though our board members have concerns of starting a home without the funds to fully support the costs, we know that there is much excitement in the build of the Sheryl Staeffler family home in Luverne. Therefore, we are beginning the build by scheduling the excavation for the basement in April.

Our community members have been a substantial foundation with our previous builds by their generous donations. Some of you are quarterly or annual donors and some have pledged to donate for each house build. Your donations may have been in material goods, labor or money. Maybe you have not had the opportunity to donate to Habitat for Humanity. With this letter, we ask that you become a part of the Staefflers' home build by mailing a financial donation to Southwest Minnesota Habitat for Humanity. Our organization is a 501-3c under the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Public Charity Status 170(b) (1) (A) (vi). Any donation given is tax-deductible.

Southwestern Minnesota Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization that has used God's people to provide for the needs of God's people. Please pray for the success of this build in Luverne and mail your donations to P.O .Box 212, Pipestone, MN 56164. You may also donate through

The Sheryl Staeffler family will be blessed with your contribution.