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Letter: Down with Israeli policies; up with Arizona's new law

Recently, both Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have both bad-mouthed Israel for building more settlements in disputed land areas. In the meantime, Hillary gave the so-called Palestinian refugees millions of dollars borrowed from China. These support dollars are to be paid back by U.S. taxpayers.

Not long ago, Israel gave back the Gaza Strip in hopes of peace. They gave with the Gaza Strip millions of dollars of greenhouses with a hefty export income from fruits and vegetables to easily sustain the Palestinian people. The Palestinians and angry Muslims busted up the greenhouses and sent rockets into Israel once they moved into Gaza territory. Then, they whine for U.S. taxpayers to feed them. I say let them eat broken greenhouse glass.

The refugees left Israel just before the 1967 war and after the "Jew hater Arab nations" lost, they should have long ago absorbed them into their lands. Meanwhile, those same Arab nations expelled millions of Jews who found a welcome home in Israel. Israel needs more space, as it is only 8,019 square miles of land. Israel should have kept all the Sinai peninsula including the Gaza Strip, just for security reasons. By now, they should know there would be no peace with the Muslims.

In other news, "Should the Muslims be allowed to build a mosque in the New York Twin Towers area"? "Sure, why not, and then we can blow it up when it's fill of people. Hey, being reciprocal, it could work." We could build a Christian church at Mecca. Like Cal Thomas said in a recent column, what have the Muslims done lately to improve the world?

In still other news, there's Arizona's new illegal immigration law that protects Americans living on the border with Mexico. The federal government has been too demented to do what's right. Attorney General Eric Holder would rather start a civil war with the states instead of protecting the rights of Americans to protect themselves from foreigners trespassing on their property. Arizona's illegal immigration law mirrors Mexico's illegals law, so who are they to complain? Plus, most Americans support Arizona's new law in polls.