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Letter: Ellsworth storm cleanup brings feelings of pride

A lot of people complain about living in a small town. Nothing to do, everybody knows your business, teenagers running around. But after the icy storm April 10 and snowstorm on the 11th, they change their minds.

Why? Because on the Wednesday, after surveying the town with downed branches and broken trees, our town looked like a war zone. Neighbors and young adults and teenagers started picking up branches, sawing big branches they could reach. Not a one went to a house and asked, "What would you pay us to clean your yard?" They started on their yards and just went from there to the next door to the next block and so forth. They helped elderly and disabled and anyone else who needed help.

They helped at Parkview Manor and the Ellsworth School. They help the stores put their frozen foods on a truck so they wouldn't spoil.

Back to the kids and trees. One young adult carried a chainsaw. It was a scary sight, but he knew what he was doing. I heard a remark afterward: "Whoever cut up the trees and bigger branches cut them the right size for a fireplace or a wood burner. "These people worked early morning to late evenings.

The farmers and business people and others who had skid loaders and tractors with loaders piled the branches on big piles and loaded them on trucks, which took the branches to the dump to be burned. The truck drivers were impressed and surprised how helpful and organized the helpers were.

Thanks to our mayor who called the governor, and who got the trucks to help us. The firemen were contacted, or they contacted a company, to cut the high broken branches down.

People who came to Ellsworth the following Monday couldn't believe how nice and cleaned up our town looked.

So, Ellsworth community, give yourself a pat on the back. You should be very proud of how everyone pitched in.

I am very proud of our young people, They went and helped and never asked or expected anyone to pay them. Ellsworth can be proud of their young kids, teenagers and young adults.