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Letter: Forget about gun control - stop abortion

Members of Congress and state legislators who made it illegal to defend oneself when they made gun-free zones, as well as those who condone this, have blood on their hands. But nothing is said by the mainstream media about the more than 20,000 unborn babies aborted each day.

Since 1973, 50 million babies have been aborted. When you dismiss God from every thing and place, you experience the results.

There are more than 20,000 gun laws on the books. They don't seem to be working, do they? Gun-free zones result in a false sense of security and a lethal insanity.

These are the consequences of citizens who have given up their right to defense: Nazi Germany, gun control, 1928-1933, 13 million exterminated by the government; Soviet Union, gun control, 1929, 20 million; China, gun control, 1935-1937, 20 million; Uganda, gun control, 1955-1970, 300,000.

Let's wake up.