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Letter: A Fourth of July to remember in Worthington

Hubby and I attended the Fourth of July band concert Thursday night along with our great-granddaughter. She has been attending the concerts with her great-grandpa as their special night together, but this time she was insistent I go, too.

In her 4-year-old eyes, the Fourth celebration was my own personal birthday party. I'm glad she let me in on that secret because it was a real treat to listen to the band, Jackie's emcee humor and the awesome intermission talent. There were so many smiles on so many faces, toes keeping time to the music and kids happy to be included in the candy march.

By the time it was done, I had tears in my eyes and a renewed sense of pride in being an American. Thank you to Mr. Loy, all the band members, entertainers and others who took part on such a beautiful evening of celebrating our country (oops, I mean my birthday).

After the concert, we got ready to watch the annual fireworks display. Wow! I'm sure, by listening to the applause and honking of car horns when it was finished, that we weren't alone in thinking this year's display was absolutely outstanding. I can remember back when the display was one firework at a time. Now, they look more "uptown" than ever. The "star" and "smiley face" were such a fun surprise! Maybe there were others I missed, but . . . wow! Thank you to each one of you who took part in putting together that dazzling display.

Many of us will smile in memory until we celebrate again next July 4th. As one 4-year-old reminded me, though, we forgot the cake!