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Letter: GOP not against Latinos

I am responding to the op-ed by Ruben Navarrette in the Aug. 17 Daily Globe.

He seems to want to make you believe that the GOP and conservatives hate the Latinos. This is not so. Myself and most conservatives that I know are against illegal immigration. And as far as the children of illegals are concerned, how can a child be a citizen if the parents are not? The outdated amendment they are using was intended to give citizen status to the children of freed slaves after slavery was abolished. It was not intended to give citizenship to children born to someone who isn't even supposed to be here. Our gutless politicians know this but are more worried about being re-elected that doing what is right.

Look at it another way. If a cat sneaks into your house, crawls into the oven and has a litter of kittens, does that make them biscuits? Think about it.