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Letter: Health care reform bill is bad news for country

The massive health reform bill passed by the Congress and voted for by liberal Rep. Tim Walz will undermine private medical care in the United States, massively expand government, increase taxes, increase the national debt, and stymie economic activity and private sector job creation.

The liberal Democrat government takeover of the health care industry will degrade the highest quality medical care in the world by creating inefficiencies that will lead to higher costs, medical care rationing, and unacceptable wait times for doctor visits and critical surgeries.

Tim Walz claims that the Democrat health reform bill will improve service and lower costs. But the bill creates scores of new government programs and the hiring of tens of thousands of federal workers. So, Congressman, when was the last time we expanded the federal government and improved service and cut costs?

Tim Walz's vote for this massive expansion of government reflects the actions of an arrogant liberal who followed the commands of President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and turned a deaf ear to the views and wishes of the moderate-to-conservative people of southern Minnesota.

When elected to represent Minnesota's 1st District, I will work with like-minded conservatives and moderates for the outright repeal of the Democrat health reform bill, and I will work to ensure that all tax monies collected under the bill be returned to the taxpayers. I will then work for common-sense private sector reforms that will improve health care for Americans by increasing competition and enhancing personal and economic freedom.