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Letter: Holiday season was fun in Crailsheim

Hello Worthington! I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year. I know I did.

December here in Crailsheim was breathtaking. There were weinachtsmarkts everywhere. Weinachtsmarkts are outdoor markets that sell everything that has to do with Christmas. The name literally means “Christmas market.” You can find them almost everywhere. I went to at least one weinachtsmarkts every weekend.

Another great thing about weinachtsmarkts was the food and beverages. I ate either Fuerwurst or Slumpfnudel and drank Gluwein. Fuerwurst is a very spicy wurst and is usually a meter long, Slumpfnudel is cooked sauerkraut with noodles and Gluwein is spice wine heated up. These are all perfect for the outdoor markets because they warm you up. Weinachtmarkts usually can be found up to two or three days before Christmas.

At the beginning of December, we celebrated St. Nicholas Day. I woke up that day, got ready for school and when I went to put my shoes on, I discovered that they were filled with goodies. My host family then explained that it was St. Nicholas Day, and that was one of the day’s traditions. I found it very interesting because it was very similar to our Christmas stockings.

After St. Nicholas Day, my host dad (Gerald Sturm) took my host sister (Chiara Sturm) and I to a professional soccer game. It was really fun to see some of the best soccer teams in the world play against each other. A little while after the soccer game, my Christmas break started. It was nice to relax and look forward to Christmas. During the break, I went to many weinachtsmarkts. My favorite was the one in Nünberg. It was huge! I also went out with friends.

When Christmas came, I was really looking forward to seeing how we would celebrate it. The morning of the 24th was the same as any, but in the evening we went to a church service and then met with the whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) for a meal. Then after the supper, we opened presents.

The next day, my guest grandma invited everyone over for lunch. It was delicious. Then on the 26th, we had goose for supper (as a tradition). And that ended the German Christmas (which always lasts three days).

After Christmas, the next big event was New Year’s. I met with my friends in a small village outside of Crailsheim called Altenmünster. That was fun. We spent time together and played games until midnight. When midnight came, we lit loads of fireworks. It was really awesome.

All in all, my holidays were great. I hope yours were as well!

Jaron Sternke

Worthington exchange student to Crailsheim