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Fischbach to take Minnesota lieutenant governor oath

Letter: Leave veterans' retirement plans alone

Senators and congressmen now want to change the veterans' retirement plans we were promised when we veterans entered into service of our country 60 or more years ago.

The Department of Defense had planned to create a blue-ribbon panel to draft a military retirement reform bill and fast-track it for a vote in Congress. The panel was to be made up of experts in the private sector -- people who have not served in the military. These special people say benefits paid to troops that have served 20 or more years is costly and should be replaced by a defined contribution plan similar to the private sector, like a 401k account.

I think the Department of Defense should look at our senators and congressmen's retirement plan first and repeal their pension plan first. The whole nation knows this is the retirement plan that is driving our economy toward bankruptcy.

Shame on our leadership in Washington for their greed.

The House Committee on Veterans Affairs, which is run by Rep. Joe Wilson, does not support any retirement plan for our veterans that would reduce their income. This would put a hardship on the vet and his family. Reducing what us veterans were promised 50 to 60 years ago is a no-no, because we will fight back by voting those who vote for a plan like this out of their job and pension.

Don't wait, veterans.. Write your senators and congressmen from your state -- now.