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Letter: Library belongs in centralized location

By Alicia Kuhle, Des Moines, Iowa

Growing up in Worthington was a wonderful experience for me. After living in the community for 18 years I left Worthington to pursue educational and career opportunities outside of the state. I continue to have a vested interest in the future of Worthington, therefore I feel it is very important to render my opinion regarding the proposed location for the new library.

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I feel that the old pool site is not a suitable location for the community library. Access to library services not only provides valuable educational resources to adults, but youths as well. Moving from its present, centralized location, to a decentralized location such as the old pool site has the potential to impact those who need the library the most.

As a social worker I continually see the high importance of accessible educational resources for the entire community, especially for the underserved population. I hope community leaders will take into account all of the community impacts of the proposed move.